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Airgym Airpit starts the revolution in the landing mats domain. What began with the Airgym Airtracks as an improvement for ground-runners, is now also available for landings with Airgym's first inflatable and patent Pending Landmatte. As with Airgym Airtracks, the Airgym Airpit can also be used to adjust the training device optimally to the user by adjusting the air pressure. Whether "soft" for the first jumps or "tight" enough for perfect landings.

With a size to which a Super-Soft "Happy Landing" mat of 2 x 3 m can be attached perfectly, the mat also feels like any Super Soft Mat (RG 18). The mat is versatile. Of course, the mat fits exactly to the Airgym Airtracks, but can also be used in combination with all other devices without any restrictions.

The Heytex double wall fabric allows the mat to be turned "upside down". This gives you a stable platform for walking and jumping. L / W / H: 300/200/65 cm Weight: approx. 35 Kg Equipment:

  • Patented 2-chamber air system, in which only one chamber is filled.
  • 4 Air openings of the second chamber for further adjustment of the damping characteristic
  • A small and a large valve for filling, emptying and measuring
  • 4 carrying handles
  • Velcro strap for connection to Airgym Airtracks
  • Circulating velcro tape on the top to join additional mats

 Fulfills the characteristics of a variety of mats:

  • Pedestal
  • Landmatte
  • Soft bottom
  • Super soft mat
  • Can be transported in a car, just let the air out
  • Can be moved and stowed at any time due to its low weight
  • Due to the air pressure, the mat is adjustable in the characteristics.


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