Airtrack HP20

The Airtrack HP20 offers more bounce than the HP10. It is a perfect replacement as a training aid in place of the tumble track or fast track.

You can reach a greater height compared to the Air Floors and we guarantee safety and fun. The Airtrack HP20 suitable for both recreation and competition. Used more for competition training.

  • Suitable for both recreation and competition
  • More used in competition

15m x 2,1m x 20cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 75kg
Lenghts: 1 - 20m
Widths: 1,4m - 2,1m - 2,8m
Heights: 20cm

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Other products

Nevertheless an AirTrack structure can take any shape and dimensions the only limit being your imagination. In the image below you have one of the AirTracks which we built for the famous Cirque du Soleil in Montreal. This AirTracks will be used by them in the "Michael Jackson - The Immortal World Tour".

We have a wide range of products from which you can choose, some of this products can be seen below. If you want more information about our offer please don't hesitate to contact us.


In order to enjoy your Airgym® AirTracks for many years we made a set of rules based on our experience and feedback from our clients which should be respected:

  • The Airgym® AirTrack set up should only be done by authorized or competent persons.
  • Always check the surface, it must be clean, dry and even. When outside always use ground sheet under the AirTrack.
  • To move use the handles on each side (HP 20, HP 33), never drag the Air Track.
  • There should always be an appropriate accompaniament to the track side if it is in use.
  • Don't use the AirTrack in damp spaces.
  • Don't use the AirTrack in the rain.
  • Don't store the AirTrack dirty or wet.
  • Do not use the AirTrack with shoes.
  • If using a manometer (pressure gauge) during inflation, be sure to remove the manometer while the Air track is in use.
  • Place safety matting at the ends of the AirTrack.
  • Once using the track there should be a mat for landing, this can be connected by the velcro closure which will avoid also the small space created by the round shape of the AirTrack.

Not the desired size

If the desired sizes are not the ones listed, please contact us and inform us the desired size. We will contact you as soon as possible to let you know if we can produce the desired size. A wide range from our products can be manufactured with a custom size.


Easy to handle, easy to use - hard to compete with.

Morten Elvstrom, Euro Gymnastic Equipment

Tracks 2000 was started 13 years ago with a single product, the constant feed Air Track. We have seen many different products come and go since then but nothing like the sealed Air Tracks from Airgroup Industries, they truly are an evolution in tumbling training aids.

Jean-Christophe Cipiers, Tracks 2000 (International)

Most powerfull new gymnastic equipment in a decade, or more.

Morten Elvstrom, Euro Gymnastic Equipment

The air track is one of the best gymnastics training equipment ever make! It suits all ages, low to high levels. It's COOL!



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