By choosing to buy an Airgym AirTrack you can rest assured you have purchased an AirTrack with a proven track record across Europe. Airgym is constantly aiming for improvements on quality, functionality, safety and manageability. All Airgym tracks are made with the best quality material available and it is European made to pass all safety and toxicity standards in Europe.

Airgym AirTracks are built with Double Wall Fabrics. This material should be seen as 2 layers that are coated and held together by thousands of fibers. The Double Wall Fabric construction is extremely strong and functional. A typical cosmetic nature of this material are the slight dents who tend to disappear over time. This has no effect on the functionality and quality of the AirTracks. During testing all AirTracks are inflated to far above the normal level, this process removes most dents.

We offer a wide range of products based on Double Wall Fabrics structure which may come in different shapes and sizes,
below you have the most common ones which are grouped by the height of the connection threads inside the material:


Airgym airtracks

What is an airtrack?
An airtrack is a revolutionary air product, resembling a bouncing floor designed to be used in all sports, especially in gymnastics, martial arts, acrogym, tricking etc.
With the help of an airtrack performers around the world have a powerful didactical tool, ideal for experiencing new movements and develop new techniques, which will set their standard to a higher performance level.

Big airtracks for Tate Towers LLC.

Why Airgym airtracks? is the first European brand, focused exclusively on manufacturing and delivering the best airtrack to the market. Practically, Airgym has brought this extraordinary concept to the sportive world. Together with world renowned gymnastic coaches and best sport performers we have managed to build the best airtrack in the world.

Why Airgym airtracks are different to the ones of the competition
The answer to this question is very simple: We are the ones that started the world of airtracks more than ten years ago when this brand was born. Since then the airtrack passed through several phases beginning with the wavy floor with a rope structure and ending with the German Double Wall Fabric that we currently use.

Our products are 100 % manufactured in our own factory in Europe. We do not buy and resell from the far east. Our products have highest quality on the market because we produce them ourselves and we check all the products with our own specialized quality control team. All our products are hand made.

Our airtrack team

Our organization’s main focus is customer satisfaction and with it success is assured. Being a company that invests a lot of in Research and Development we manage to keep few steps ahead of our competitors.

What makes our airtracks special?
Two factors are contributing to our uniqueness which you surely find in our products: our team’s high skills and the special raw material that we use.

1) Our team’s high skill comes from their conscientious way of working and the continuous quality improving dictated by our sophisticated Quality Management System. The team we’ve formed over the years is made out of people who were recruited based on their talents and trained in time to become specialists in building aitracks.

2) The raw materials we use. Besides human resource used to create a product, the most important factor which can make that product stand out from the crowd is the ingredients used. Over the years together with our German partner Heytex GMBH Germany we managed to develop and improve the best Double Wall Fabric known at this moment on the market. That involved investments of millions of Euros and the research of some of the greatest German specialists in this industry. With all our efforts combined we have managed to get a material that makes our airtracks lighter with impressive properties that assures you will get to a new competition level.




Other products

Nevertheless an AirTrack structure can take any shape and dimensions the only limit being your imagination. In the image below you have one of the AirTracks which we built for the famous Cirque du Soleil in Montreal. This AirTracks will be used by them in the "Michael Jackson - The Immortal World Tour".

We have a wide range of products from which you can choose, some of this products can be seen below. If you want more information about our offer please don't hesitate to contact us.


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