The Airgym AirTracks are built using a revolutionary material produced in Germany by our supplier Heytex, called Double Wall Fabric. Heytex Double Wall is a three-dimensionally woven structure whose two base fabrics are interlinked with numerous spacer threads. Since each spacer thread has got the same length they define the maximum distance between the two base fabrics.

That way, the spacer threads produce a dimensionally-stable connection between the base fabrics. The emerging hollow body between the base fabrics can be filled with different media like water or sand. The filling, however, guarantees the obtainment and keeping of the desired shape of the hollow body - a dimensionally stable surface.

Depending on air pressure or filling quantity a bending resistant unit or a mattress with a continuously variable degree of hardness is produced. HEYTex double-wall fabric is provided with an airtight coating, it is extremely stable and resistant even to high air pressure.

Compared to the Asian competition all components of Heytex Double Wall fabrics are in accordance with the European REACh (Registration, Evalutation and Authorization of Chemicals) directive. The coating of the Asian material contains far too great values of components like:

Dibutylphtalate (DBP) 
Bis-2-ethylhexylphtalate (DEHP)
Our supplier is giving a lot of attention to the quality of the raw material delivered so the cycle of production is a long one. For one production order of approx. 840 sqm, which correspond to 20 airtracks with the dimensions of 15m x 2,8m this means:

Approx. 2 weeks only for the weaving.
Approx. 2 weeks for the coating, quality inspection and delivery to us.
So in total we have 4 weeks until the main raw material is arriving at our production facility.
Check our supplier website for more information.


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